Masters studies

A career in the financial services industry is often embraced by mathematics graduates. The knowledge of mathematics is a must for such tasks as assessment of risk and pricing of financial and insurance contracts. Career opportunities are vast: from a trader who performs everyday trades on the stock market to a quantitative analyst assessing risk of investments or constructing and pricing new financial instruments. Our graduates (see recent Master Theses) are successful in all mentioned fields both in Poland and abroad. Their knowledge and skills were built on the following MSc programmes:

Masters programme in Financial Mathematics: for those who are fascinated by the financial market, asset and risk management. More information is here.

Masters programme in Actuarial Mathematics: for those who see their place in the insurance industry, designing, pricing and analyzing insurance products. More information is here.

PhD studies

Department of Mathematics at the University of Warsaw offer PhD studies in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics. Research in financial/actuarial mathematics is full of beautiful and difficult mathematical problems. They differ from the ones in pure mathematics only by the way they are phrased: using financial rather than abstract language. PhD studies offer the opportunity to experience strength and versatility of mathematics as a way to describe and analyze real world phenomena.
PhD in financial/actuarial mathematics provides a sound basis for further academic career as well as for a successful work in the financial industry. The academic and professional worlds of financial specialists are highly intertwined, see numerous projects run by the Department [Consulting].
PhD studies in financial/actuarial mathematics give the opportunity:

  • to see that projects in financial/actuarial mathematics lead to interesting and difficult mathematical problems;
  • to find numerous theoretical and practical open problems;
  • to verify your ability to design and analyze new mathematical models;
  • to take part in projects run with collaboration of industrial partners.

Our fields of interests are listed here [People]. All enquiries should be directed to potential supervisors.